I’m Selena, a small-town Michigan creative entrepreneur. I’m a hand-letterer, shop owner, graphic designer, educator and full time dream chaser. My creative juices have been flowing all my life, from painting murals on my bedroom walls, to handing out paper flowers I hand crafted for my mom, to dockering up my clothes with unique patterns. I fell in love with art from a very early age.

My husband and I are always searching for a new netflix binge, and I can never have enough cuddles from my cockapoos Sadie and Sherlock and cat, Millie. I’m a gypsy soul who loves crossing items off my bucket list and finding any excuse to travel. I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, swam bat caves in Greece and rode horses on the beaches of Nassau.

I try to see the blessing in even the tiniest moments and I hope to inspire you through my art. Take a look at my work, or send me a note just to say hi. Thank you for supporting me and my dreams. Remember to always celebrate the small wins.

Let's Work Together!